Nike Chalkbot

The Chalkbot project with Nike/Livestrong was one of the most fulfilling projects Deedod has had the privilege of participating in.  After our friends over at Gorlochs presented us with the concept we were excited to get the ball rolling.  In order to continue the fight against cancer, the Nike Chalkbot was created in association with the Livestrong campaign to spread messages of hope and inspiration across the route of the Tour de France.  Users from around the globe are able to submit positive messages from several online mediums including Twitter, Facebook, ads, texting, and the primary Chalkbot website.  Each message is geo-tagged with the location it was sent from and select messages are then printed on the streets of the Tour de France route for the entire world to see during the race.  If a user's message was printed on the Tour de France route they then received an email with a picture of the printing and the exact coordinates of where the message was printed on the globe.

Deedod's role in the project was to develop several banner ads for users to submit their messages through, a Facebook page for users to view messages submitted from around the world, and a custom image generator that created images mimicking the way the messages looked when printed on the roads of France.  The Flash banners were distributed for usage around the web and featured a live feed of the latest messages posted by users as well as a way for users to submit their own message of hope.  The Facebook page incorporated Google Maps API integration that allowed users to browse messages from users submitted around the world.  We used the geo-tagging associated with each message to place show user participate around the world.  Each message also incorporated a custom generated image of what the shot would look like as if it had been printed on the road by the Chalkbot.  The image manipulation was accomplished with ImageMagick.

Overall the project was a resounding success.  In the few short weeks of the Tour de France there were tens of thousands of messages submitted by users from around the world.  The exposure of the messages of hope and the Livestrong campaign helped raise cancer awareness around the world.  The Deedod team was excited to offer it's time and efforts to such a great cause.