If you like staying abreast of the latest and greatest electronics then you'll love Tecca.  Tecca was developed with the goal of providing consumers with all the information needed to make an educated decision in finding the best product (phone, camera, MP3 player, etc.) as well as finding the lowest price for that product online.  Deedod's role in the process was to develop all the frontend pages for the site.  The site was built using HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery.  We collaborated closely with the agency Sisu to ensure seamless integration with the Tecca content management system.  With over 35 different page types the project was a labor of love but in the end the result was a great site that is super easy to use and very helpful for us techies looking for the best new gear.

Since its release, the Tecca site has seen substantial growth.  Starting with 17k unique users in it's first full month, the site has grown at a staggering pace and now sees over 630k unique users each month.  Tecca also has plans for a mobile site / app in the coming months so stay tuned for a mobile release some time in the near future.