The Daily

Deedod was excited to participate in the highly anticipated release of The Daily, the first e-newspaper designed from the ground up specifically for daily distribution on the iPad. As an agency collaboration, we partnered with Sisu to perfom the development of the marketing website for The Daily.

Since The Daily is wholly iPad based, the challenge was to create a site that mimicked the custom design of the application, while still working for devices ranging from desktop browsers to iPhones and iPads.

The end result was an HTML5/CSS3 site with custom CSS transitions with the capability to take advantage of the native iPad/iPhone hardware acceleration. The site is somewhat small with only about five sections, but we created three separate but equal sites for browser, iPad, and iPhone-size / type devices to work with the requirements for each type of viewport. 

The Daily marketing site launched along with the application to much hype and fanfare. It's always fun for us to collaborate on high-exposure projects like this.