Toyota Fantasy Enhancer

At Deedod, we love fantasy football.  One of the greatest parts about fantasy football is the constant smack talk and coming up with your team name / mascot.  In order to facilitate this right of passage, the lovely people at Yahoo! sports decided to create an entire site based on the ritual of smack talk and team branding with their Fantasy Enhancer site.  Deedod was brought into the fold by B-Reel to spear head the backend development of the site's features.  We developed a custom content management system on a CakePHP / LAMP stack backbone to accommodate all the smack talk messages, league invitations, and team logos users created.  Another interesting feature of the site was the integration of the smack talk features with Yahoo!'s advertising campaign for their fantasy football platform.  The smack talk videos and messages were shown as ads on fellow Yahoo! user pages enticing them to join leagues and participate.  In order to facilitate the tens of thousands of daily requests for these ads we also integrated with Amazon S3 and EC2 cloud services.  The dynamic scalability of the Amazon components ensured smooth delivery of the necessary assets no matter how great the user demand was.

The final result was a great product that fantasy football users just devoured.  After the season the final tally of smack talk videos, messages, team logos, and league invitation requests tallied in the hundreds of thousands.  It also helped the Deedod team express itself in new and creative ways (albeit not so nice ways).